The Easy IVC

People are talking about the NexGen, and what they're saying is just amazing! Our goal in bringing the NexGen to market was to ensure it was the lightest, most cost-effective, easiest-to-use IVC system in the LAS industry. And from what we're hearing – we got it right! As a matter of fact, all of this great feedback is the reason why we're calling NexGen the Easy IVC!


Press Releases

EcoFlo WiVarium Blowers Rack Mounted on NexGen
NexGen (50-Cage)
NexGen 70 Cage Rack, No Locks, with Rear Plenums
NexGen 70 Cage Rack, With Locks, with Rear Plenums
NexGen ATU with EcoFlo Touchscreen Blower
NexGen Cage Airflow
NexGen Cage Divider full system
NexGen Cage Protruding from Rack
NexGen Cage with Purple Gem Line Card Holder
NexGen Cage without Flex Lock
NexGen Double Sided Rack, Rack Mounted, Touchscreen Blowers
NexGen Double Sided Rack
NexGen Double-Sided Rack with EcoFlo Tower Blower
A close up of the NexGen Flex Lock
NexGen Mouse Cage with External Water Bottle and Flex Lock
Mice interacting with the NexGen Mouse Enrichment Loft
NexGen Single Sided Rack with EcoFlo Rack Mounted Blowers
NexGen with Tower Blower
This is a stack of 7 Plastic Feeder Trays measuring approximately 9.75 inches